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  • Why Choose Fine Photography

    Imagine owning a collection of timeless, professional, characterful, and meticulously edited photographs that you will want to look at time and again. Learn why so many Australian's have picked Fine Photography. Read More
  • Word of mouth

    Out of the mouths of babes! No ‘honeymoon-phase testimonials’ here. What you see is what you get. Spend time with Nicholas and you can’t wait to give great feedback! The photographs come to life with the stories behind them from happy customers. Read More
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  • So Many Firsts … Too Precious Not to Capture

    Becoming first time parents is such a life changing and pivotal moment in anybody’s life. All the joy, excitement, uncertainty that comes with getting to know your newest addition to the family is a feeling you want to hold onto forever. Read More
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Anzac Day 2020

See our very special tribute to the servicemen and women that have fought for what Australia is today. 

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Professional Portrait Photography Sydney

Nicholas Fiennes is an award winning professional Sydney portrait photographer with more than 30 years of experience. He has the skill and insight to create images you'll cherish for a lifetime and be proud to show our photos in your home or office. We have built a warm and customised photography studio which was specifically designed to allow us to produce the best portrait photography shots imaginable. We are conveniently located just 30 minutes north of the CBD.

Photography is a magical thing. It has the power to transport us to different times and places, to take us on a visual journey. Most powerfully of all, photography has the power to connect us to other human beings.

This human connection is something that we’re all born with, but it can become stifled as we grow older. Building rapport with clients of all ages requires an innate understanding of how people interact, and what makes us tick. Fine Photography works across all age brackets and divisions, including:


family portrait photography sydney

Portrait Photographer Sydney

It’s a fine art to capture the entirety of a person in a single photograph—their personality, their history, their style. To connect on a personal level, and place that individuality front and centre.

After ten years in the photography industry, Fine Photography knows a thing or two about building connections. Across a variety of photography categories and clientele, we have honed our storytelling style to capture arresting images with clarity. The results are striking, instantly emotive photographs, which bring together subject and viewer in a single moment. 


Special Moments Captured Perfectly

At Fine Photography we can create your photographic images as gift prints, framed wall art, canvas wall art, albums or several other specialised photographic mediums. We can also supply your images on our specialised electronic photographic frames. These are particularly ideal for the corporate environment or for those of you with families overseas.

We can also supply and install a gallery quality hanging system, so you can avoid putting holes in your walls. That way you'll have the flexibility of repositioning your photographic fine art whenever you want.

professional portrait photographer sydney

Our GalleriesSee what we can do for you:


Above are examples of our images by professional photographer Nicholas Fiennes so you can see our photography style.

state of the art photography studio

Family Portrait Photography

Whether you want a photography pack for mum & bub, children, couples, families, pets or even just yourself, we have the portrait photographic skill to create a treasured memory in a package that will be just right for you. As family photographers, we are able to use natural light to capture amazing family portraits that you'll be proud to have on display in your home. 

Your photographic art will be produced in black & white. At your personalised cinematic viewing session, you will have the opportunity to view your images at life-size dimensions.


Corporate Photography & Executive Headshots

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then an executive portrait could be more valuable than any resumé. Fine Photography offers tailored shoots to individuals seeking to display a single, professional appearance across their digital channels that only professional photography can provide. In an age where a quick Google search before an interview is the norm, recruiters can find employees on LinkedIn, and social media can make or break a candidate’s chances. Maintaining a professional, cohesive presence is essential.

Not only should these channels back up who you claim to be face to face, but they should be treated as a first impression. So if you're looking for corporate portraits Sydney, we can help. There is no doubt that professional corporate photographs evaluate your business profile - call us now for more details

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Located near Sydney, Australia.

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Latest Blog Posts

  • When you find out you are pregnant it is such a joyous and exciting time in your life especially if it is your first child. It’s so exciting in fact, that we get swept up in all the planning for the babies arrival buying the cot, the pram, and decorating the nursery (not to mention the tiredness that comes with being pregnant), that we often don’t stop to appreciate how amazing it is that this beautiful little person is growing in your belly.

  • Portrait photography is about the expression, personality and mood of the subject, for people of all shapes, sizes, ages and walks of life. Every family is bursting with character and at Fine Photography we see it as our gift to capture the essence of each one in a timeless piece of art. We bring your families character to life in our own signature style black and white.

  • Becoming first time parents is such a life changing and pivotal moment in anybody’s life. All the joy, excitement, uncertainty that comes with getting to know your newest addition to the family is a feeling you want to hold onto forever.

  • What a remarkable trio these ladies were! and let’s not forget our fur baby Winston too who quietly stole the show.  A mother’s love for her children always beams through the camera lens. It’s not forced it just exists like the invisible string that binds us together as a family forever. It was beautiful to capture this mum with her beautiful daughters and celebrate the gorgeous woman they have become. We are always quick to capture the baby photos before they grow too fast; but life often gets in the way of ensuring we also photograph the rest of our children’s story as they grow into adults. At Fine Photography we pride ourselves on bringing your families character to life in black and white.

  • At Fine Photography we love nothing more than seeing families come back to introduce a new addition and get fresh family portraits taken to capture their growing brood. Its lovely to see how the siblings interact with each other and for us to see how much the older children have grown since their last studio session.

  • Are Studio Portraits Making A Come Back?

    If you were to go back 15 years the only type of portraits you would have heard about are studio portraits, it was an industry standard. It was rare that you would have professional family portraits taken outdoors at locations such as parks, beaches, and gardens. If you wanted a portrait taken you found a good photography studio in your area, you went in and your portrait was taken, processed and printed.