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Anzac Day 2020

See our very special tribute to the servicemen and women that have fought for what Australia is today. 

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Studio Policies

The Session Fee pays for the time and talent of the photographer and for our in-person viewing appointment. It does not include any finished portraits. The Session Fee is due prior to the portrait session and is required to secure an appointment time. The Session Fee is not refundable, but may be transferable.

I/we have received, read and understand the Studio’s price list, which has been provided on payment of the deposit/booking fee. The booking of, and any additional costs incurred for, booking venues, photography locations, additional props etc are our responsibility or may be invoiced unless paid for separately.

If you have a sick pet/child on the day of the session you can call to reschedule. If you try to keep the appointment the photographer will assess the impact on the shoot and may request that it be rescheduled. Sick or uncomfortable pets/children do not like to be photographed and we know that you will not love your portraits nearly as much as if he or she was in good health.

To avoid disruption to the photographic coverage and to allow the Studio to fulfil its contracted duty; other photography by family/ friends at this time is not permitted. Please bring only the subjects to be photographed to the session. This is especially important with pets and kids, as the photographer will need their full attention on him rather than looking at other members of the family. Of course parents are always welcome!

The Studio owns the Copyright in all photographs. You give permission to the Studio to use any image of our sitting for industry competitions and as required for subsequent usage or reasonable general promotional advertising for the Studio. The usage for any other purpose is to be renegotiated between the parties and requires specific permission by us.

As the Studio owns the Copyright, you agree not to copy, cause to be copied or allow anyone else to copy, photocopy, laser copy or computer scan these images. To do so is in breach of this agreement. I/we will use these photographs as agreed and understand they may not be copied or reproduced unless written approval is granted by the Studio.

An in-person viewing of our images will be held at the Studio at which time you will be given the opportunity to order. You should ensure all decision makers are present. Additional ordering appointments incur a $100 fee.

While the photographer does capture many images during the session, you will see only those images selected by him for previewing. The Photographer carefully processes each image to ensure maximum artistry and technical perfection. Images with eyes closed, heads turned, duplicates, etc. will not be shown and are removed from the Studio archives permanently after the processing is complete.

All orders must be confirmed in writing and accompanied by full payment unless prior arrangement with the Studio had been made. Telephone orders require written confirmation with payment before the order can be processed. Due to the custom nature of the work a 50% cancellation fee may be charged should you change your mind afterwards. Once an order is in production, it is deemed non refundable. Payments may be made by cash, cheque, direct bank deposit, Bpay or credit card. A payment plan is also available.

All orders shall remain the property of the Studio until full payment has been made. Orders cannot be separated for collection unless paid for in full.

Please allow 4 weeks for your order to be completed. Some orders may take longer. Your portraits are an investment and an heirloom that should not be rushed. You will be notified by telephone or e-mail when your order is ready for collection.

All ordered images are kept on file for a period of one year. Unordered images are removed from our archives after 30 days. Re orders placed more than 60 days after the preview appointment will attract a $150 archive retrieval fee.

The Studio has no control over the environment in which the photographs are kept and that colour photographs, in common with all sensitised material and colour dyes, have limited life expectancy which is minimised when exposed to strong and prolonged sunlight, heat or fluorescent light sources. Photographs will last longer if displayed under better lighting conditions.

Let Nicholas capture the perfect shot that will last a lifetime.

Give us a call today on 02 9402 9038 to find out more or book your session.

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