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Anzac Day 2020

See our very special tribute to the servicemen and women that have fought for what Australia is today. 

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Professional Portrait Photography Session

professional portrait photography sydneyThe best professional portrait photographers show you looking happy, relaxed and confident; a better version of yourself. To achieve this you need to have fun and feel relaxed. Families generally want to look loving and close. To be looking and feeling your best at the session and therefore in the photographs is a process that a professional portrait photographer can guide you through.

Nicholas will guide you through the whole process to get the best professional portraits. Before you come into his elegantly appointed studio he will have an in-home consultation to talk about spaces to display the portraits and the types of products best suited for your home.

How do you get the best professional portraits?

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Portrait Photography Tips

You can’t get what you want until you know (and communicate) what you want

You will be given a detailed questionnaire asking what kind of photographs you are hoping to get.  If there is something you secretly want from your photographs, don’t be shy to mention it either in the questionnaire or in person!  You might like to look like a movie star or minimise a flaw that troubles only you for example.  They are your photographs so it’s important to get the details right, so your photo session is personalised and tailored to you and your family.

You can confidently communicate to Nicholas; he’s seen it all.  For example in family shots, getting the mother right is usually the most important.  Happy Mum, Happy Family!

sydney portrait photographerAttention to detail beforehand creates better Professional Portraits

You will be given introductory information with comprehensive information about:

  • What you should wear including clothing styles and colours, shoes, jewellery
  • Your make-up and hair styling
  • What you should bring with you to the shoot
  • Props you might like to bring with you

Getting the best Professional Portraits on the day

professional portrait photographyTo get photographs looking your best, you have to feel your best. This means enjoying the process.

Nicholas will guide you through the shoot, showing you how best to position both your head and your body in the photographs. However, it’s all about portraying the best version of you so you will also need to show how you would normally move and position yourself.

With Family Portraits you don’t have to worry about how your small children behave. Kids’ antics are to be expected – Nicholas has 4 of his own – and knows what works with them.

Your portrait photography session will be captured in Fine Photography’s exclusively designed and newly renovated studio, utilising customised studio lighting equipment.  Nicholas doesn't rush the process needed to capture genuine, artistic expression.  Each session lasts approximately one hour to fully capture you in images you'll cherish for a lifetime and longer for families to allow for changes of clothing and breaks. 

To reserve your session date a session fee is due at the time of booking.

Once your session is complete the process will take several weeks, during which you will be kept informed regarding the progress. At the completion, you will be invited to visit our studio for a personalised viewing.

Proudly display and enjoy your photographs

All session prints are mounted ready for framing in your own frame, or we can organise custom framing for you.  Choose from an array of products designed to suit your home and budget, including individual custom prints, canvases, portrait boxes and hand-made albums. We want your prints to all have personalised attention to detail. We also have a selection of unique media, such as stone, and acrylic. 

Let Nicholas capture the perfect shot that will last a lifetime.

Give us a call today on 02 9402 9038 to find out more or book your session.

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