Executive Portraits

executive portraits sydneyAs more people research companies online, having professional photographs taken of your staff, teams and premises can benefit how your business is showcased online. These images are treated as a first impression for your potential customers or clients and by caring about how you're digitally presented to the world wide web, can make all the difference. While you might think using Stock photos would be "just as good", giving your business a personal touch by having a professional portrait on your "about us" or "contact us" pages will appeal to viewers a lot more and in turn will increase potential business and make your website look more professional. You want these images to be as clear, sophisticated, high-quality and consistent as possible while you look trustworthy, professional and part of an established business. These high-quality images can be used within your business for your website, social media, business cards, brochures or promotions and more!

Photographing your staff

When it comes to corporate photography, attire, background and lighting are some of the key elements to ensuring the best impression of your business and its values are portrayed. Nicholas Fiennes will discuss with you what kind of image you're looking to portray for your business by gathering valuable information such as your company values, culture and mission. No matter what industry your business is a part of, Nicholas will work with you in the studio or on location to ensure you leave with the best looking corporate photos for your business.

Individual Staff

professional executive portraitsIndividual headshots of your staff are important when you have many varying roles within your company. As we all know, staff do come and go, so it is important that consistency is upheld. The best way to do this is to commit to a photographer that you trust to update and add to the company profile while maintaining the same image for your business by keeping the look, size and feel of each photograph the same. By maintaining consistency on every platform you use corporate images for, whether it's on your website or printed promotional work within the company, you'll eliminate the feeling of unprofessionalism within your business. 

Teams of Staff

Nicholas Fiennes is experienced with working with groups of people so if your business is made up of teams, Nicholas can certainly bring them all together in a relaxed manner and get the most out of your session. Present your employees as you know them to be - people who not only work well together but also value each other and the work they do within your company, all through the power of photography. 

Your Business

Your business premises is an extension of who you are and what your business is all about and should be shown in the best possible light. No doubt the premises would have been carefully chosen in the first place with the company image, values and culture in mind, so it is important to showcase this as well so potential clients or customers are reassured visually with not only a well-presented team of people but also a well-presented workplace.

Having a professional photographer with a keen eye and attention to detail while knowing what to highlight, will ensure you've got the professional depiction of your business that shows you mean business and enhances your company image. For more information about corporate photography sessions, contact us, view our Executive gallery or take a look at our testimonials

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