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Why Mums need to get out from behind the camera

thumb_mother-and-child-photo-session Blog - Page 6: Latest News and Articles - Fine Photography

A mother and her child’s bond is unlike any other.  The love and admiration for each other and the strength of the bond is something that I never tire of seeing.  It is so heart-warming to see these relationships and be the one who beautifully captures these on camera.

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Top 5 Tips for Stress Free Photos of Your Kids

young family portrait childrenWhen it comes to family portraits most parents’ number one concern is how to get their little ones to pose and co-operate during the photo shoot. There are always challenges to face when trying to get everyone in the family to look their best and look at the camera at the same time, but it is not something you need to stress about.

We have put together a guide to help you prepare your young ones (and not so young ones!) for their big day in front of the camera whether it's for family photos or individual portraits.

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How to dress for a photoshoot

how to dress for a photoshootWhat to wear for a photoshoot is one of the questions we get asked the most often and rightly so, because how you dress for a photoshoot can have a big impact on the images we create for you. We give you the best possible chance of looking amazing for your portrait with our experience and state of the art studio but obviously the subject (you) also plays a big part in the final product. We are able to direct you to get the best outcome, but so you have a good idea beforehand, we have gone over our top tips for what to wear during your family photoshoot or executive portrait session.

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Family history lost in a sea of jpegs

Album copyOnce upon a time, parents documented their children’s firsts in words and pictures in baby books and scrapbooks that got updated as life's big milestones were reached. Photo albums grew thick with mementos, memories of trips, holidays, friends and relatives.

But who has time for that now?

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So why am I a Professional Photographer?

ProfessionalYep, these days everyone can be a photographer and many people believe that with the clever technology of digital cameras today you simply point the camera at your subject, press the shutter button and get a great result. Every time.

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