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It’s double silver for Nicholas Fiennes!

photography-award Blog - Page 5: Latest News and Articles

As an Associate member of the Australian Institute of Professional Photographers, entering into the annual Australian Professional Photography Awards or APPA as they are fondly known, is a big deal and certainly an opportunity that can’t be missed.

Professional photographers from all over Australia and the world compete in a variety of categories. 

It takes weeks of preparation and deliberation on choosing the right images to enter.  This year, Nicholas scored a duo!   

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Make A Difference In Your Local Communities

thumb_local-communities Blog - Page 5: Latest News and Articles

After a previous life working in and around local communities, I felt a real sense of need to continue this when I changed career paths.

When Fine Photography was born 10 years ago, I wanted to be able to combine my photography and studio in ways which I knew I could support local communities.

It started with sponsoring a boat crew in a fundraising rowing regatta run by my daughter’s school and being invited to be the official photographer for the event.  I really enjoyed the challenge.  Photographing moving boats (and moving fast I might add), is very different to photographing people and families in a studio environment.

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Ballerina Sisters

thumb_ballerinas Blog - Page 5: Latest News and Articles

We have had so many talented young people come into the studio as part of our Ballet Project. 

And these sisters were no exception. 

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Family Pet Photography Photo Shoot

family-pet Blog - Page 5: Latest News and Articles

This family came into the studio as part of our 'Dogs and their Families' on the Couch project.

I've photographed many pets before and these three pups were so well behaved. It was such a pleasure to photograph this lovely family!

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Being a Professional Photographer and Why I Love It

thumb_black-and-white-photography Blog - Page 5: Latest News and Articles

Have you ever wondered why some people choose to be a professional photographer?

It’s easy, right? Anyone can do it, can’t they?  All you need is a camera of some sort, point and shoot, right? Wrong!  There are so many factors to take into consideration in creating individual pieces of art and that’s why I love what I do.

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Husbands Need Preparation Too!

thumb_family-potrait Blog - Page 5: Latest News and Articles

I have previously blogged about the need to prepare your kids and/or family for their upcoming photo shoot.  However, I omitted to advise that there is also a need to prepare your husband too.

For some people, preparing the man of the house for a family photo shoot is just simply exhausting.  If your husband is optimistic about your photo shoot, you are in luck but if he is somewhat reluctant, here are a few things you can do to help him (and yourself) out:


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Furry Family Members and Photo Shoots

thumb_family-photography-with-pets-2 Blog - Page 5: Latest News and Articles

We understand that families are not limited to just people.  Pets, of all shapes and sizes, take a very important role in families and it is only fitting that they are included in your Fine Photography family portrait session. We are more than happy for you to bring your furry (or not so furry!) family member/s into the studio to be a part of your photo shoot.

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