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Blog: Latest News and Articles

Male Ballerino Photo Shoot

male-ballerino-photo-shoot_-banner Blog - Page 2: Latest News and Articles

Ballet dancers are most definitely not limited to female dancers.  This very talented ballerino came into the studio as part of our ballet project and we were blown away by his enthusiasm and aptitude for his craft. 

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Looking Natural In Front Of The Camera

looking-natural Blog - Page 2: Latest News and Articles

“Just act natural”

It's so much easier said than done when you are in front of a camera and trying to look natural while feeling a little awkward and maybe even a little insecure. If it helps to know, even top models need some help to look and act more natural in front of the camera.  

There's no need to be nervous going into your photo shoot, with a little bit of practice in front of a mirror and these tips you'll be feeling confident and relaxed from the very first click!

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How To Take Great Photos Of Your Children

kids-pictures-made-easy Blog - Page 2: Latest News and Articles

Almost every parent I know always has a smartphone or camera at the ready to take that one image or series of images to capture a particular moment in their children’s lives.  It may be a special occasion or just because your child or children were doing something cute.

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Me, Myself And I

solo-bnw Blog - Page 2: Latest News and Articles

After seeing the fun her sister had at her photo shoot, Ms B came into the studio for her turn in front of the camera.  What a great afternoon we had.

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Twins - Born Together Friends Forever

twins Blog - Page 2: Latest News and Articles

No, you are not seeing double! It’s Mr R1 and Mr R2 who came into the studio for their Cool Kids photo shoot. 

In terms of identical twins, you could not get more similar than these guys.  Mum and Dad were delighted with the images I created for them.

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A New Addition To The Family

new-addition Blog - Page 2: Latest News and Articles

This beautiful family came into the studio to celebrate their new addition. Gorgeous little Indi stole the show and big sister Zara was a natural.

Cleo the cat was not forgotten. She participated in the photo shoot too!

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Mini Sessions vs Custom Photography Sessions

mini-vs-custom Blog - Page 2: Latest News and Articles

Everything You Need To Know!

At Fine Photography, we specialise in custom photography sessions.  Our Family Portrait photo shoots and Newborn sessions take approximately two hours and our Signature Style Children Portraits usually take around an hour.

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A Sister - Both Your Mirror and Your Opposite

sister-act Blog - Page 2: Latest News and Articles

These two young ladies are just so sweet.  They came into the studio as part of our Sisters Project and I could tell from the moment I met them that they had such a special bond.  You would never know that there was a five-year age gap – they are almost one and the same. 

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7 Ways To Always Look Fantastic In Photos

photography-tips Blog - Page 2: Latest News and Articles

Photography Tips To Help You Look Your Best

From selfies, to being photographed at a friend’s wedding or even your own wedding, we’ve all been in front of a camera at some point or another.  And, if you've recently looked at a photo of yourself and thought you were not photogenic, then this is the blog post for you.

If you know that you’re going to be in front of the camera at any point in the future, follow some of our simple tips on how to be photogenic in photos.

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A New Family Member Has Arrived!

newborn-baby Blog - Page 2: Latest News and Articles

Whether you are adding to your family for the first time, second time or more.

Here at Fine Photography, we love being a part of helping you to record these precious additions to your family.

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7 Critical Elements of Making Photos Beautiful

photo-elements-light-fp Blog - Page 2: Latest News and Articles

Have you ever wondered what makes particular photographs stand out and stir certain emotions in you when you look at it? Of course, photos of your family and places familiar to you that you love will naturally give you the warm and fuzzies or leave you in awe but there are also very specific elements in great photos that help bring them to life and make you take a second look.

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Musical Family's Personalised Portrait Session

Personalised Family Portrait Photography Sessions

I had the pleasure of photographing a musical family in-studio recently.  It was a huge effort for them to bring in their instruments, including a French horn, bass clarinet, trombone and drum kit - but well worth it!

They also took the opportunity to bring in their two pups to be photographed with the family. Check out Dad in the instrument photos!

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