A couple of months ago I wrote about the risk we all face of losing our treasured photos and it got me thinking…

Will your children have to flick through your old computer to look back on their past and their favourite memories as a child? 

 When I was younger I was fascinated by the treasures that lay in the dresser drawers and closets in my parents' and grandparents' home. There was nothing in particular I was after but I loved to pry.

Other than the usual coins and old letters, there usually were photos. Numerous photos. Some were put neatly in albums while some lay in an old box. One album was dearer to me than the others. It was one my grandmum had inherited from her grandmum. That's really old, isn't it? It was an exquisite album with a velvet jacket, the color a deep burgundy. The inside pages held fond black and white memories of a different era and relatives who had lived and died decades before me.

I never got tired of going through those albums. Many nostalgic afternoons were spend with my grandmother or mother patiently explaining the family tree to me. Their eyes would light up as they shared significant anecdotes with each other. Some were joyous, related to a family celebration while some were misty eyed memories of tragedy.

family photo albumWhen I was older, I snuck out a few of my favourire photos from my mother’s albums. Most were of my younger self and pets I'd had as a child, there were few of my parents when they were young.

Something in those pictures spoke to me. I selfishly wanted them for myself, to be able to look at them and reminiscence. Aren't some of the most heated family debates about who has which albums or photos? Or was it just us?

With time digital cameras replaced film and now with everyone owning a smart phone having high resolution cameras, the digital camera has become obsolete. Treasured family albums are a thing of the past. When was the last time you printed a picture? A lie I keep telling myself is that I will someday print the digital pictures and make an album to be passed down as it was to me. But I never get around to doing it.

An article I read recently resonated with me and my thoughts on creating a family album. It spoke of the very things that were bothering me about the disappearance of family albums from our lives. I want to do so quickly! Not just for myself but so my children derive comfort from holding pictures of their parents, grandparent, uncles, aunts and cousins, and have a piece of family history to pass down to their children. 

As easy as it is to click pictures from your phone, you can't keep a beloved jpeg on your night stand nor can you show affection to a hard drive in quite the same way! 

Whether you prefer an album or a print for the wall, let us help create your photographic heirlooms for you and the generations to come.

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