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Renowned portrait photographers throughout history have all reported the same secret behind their captivating work: the intimate connection they share with their clients.

Whereas landscape photography may evoke a sense of awe and the yearning to explore, portrait photography is about bringing together the viewer and the subject in a single moment in time. By looking at a well-executed portrait, we come to know a subject—their style, their mannerisms, and their personality.

Capturing stunning photographs requires a subject to be comfortable in their own skin. It’s entirely normal to tense up for the first time in front of a camera, which is why the best shots aren’t taken immediately. The beginning of a portrait photography session is about becoming accustomed to the camera. We find that chatting to our subjects, asking about their family, their goals, and their lives can help a great deal in preparing for a shoot. It helps us to feel like new friends, rather than strangers. This ice-breaking stage is perhaps the most important part of allowing a subject to let their personality shine through.

This human connection is something that we’re all born with, but it can become stifled as we grow older. Building rapport with clients of all ages requires an innate understanding of how humans connect. We work across all age brackets and divisions, including newborn and child photography, family photography, and executive photography.

Portrait photography is, by definition, capturing human beings, and humans are beautifully flawed creatures. Though most of us have similar basic facial features, we can still recognise an individual person we know in a crowd. Our quirks make us who we are and should take the limelight in a portrait.

While hair and make-up can be offered, portrait photography is far from an airbrushed aesthetic. Wrinkles, freckles and stray hairs can often say more about the story behind a person than anything else. Particularly in executive photography, it is essential to focus on the human element, so as not to risk coming across as flat or robotic.

We look into someone’s eyes for cues on how they are feeling and what they are saying. It’s a fundamental aspect of human communication. It should come as no surprise, then, that the subject’s gaze can hold special resonance in portrait photography. Locked in this moment, the viewer and subject break down the two-dimensional borders of the image.

Individuality is at the heart of what we do, and so we always welcome fresh faces. If you would like your own portraits taken which bring your individual style to life, we would love to hear from you.

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30 Years Experience

Nicholas is a corporate photographer with over 30 years of experience. His experience and proven track record means you can be assured of getting the great outcome you need for your business.


Award Winning

Nicholas is a multi award winning photographer recognised by the Australian Insitute of Professional Photography (AIPP) in The Australian Professional Photography Awards (APPA). Also, internationally with the Wedding & Portrait Photographers International Awards in 2019.


Amazing Studio

You can choose to come into our state of the art studio which is only 30 mins from the Sydney CBD or we can come and do the photo shoot on location at your business.


Let Nicholas capture the perfect shot that will last a lifetime.

Give us a call today on 02 9402 9038 to find out more or book your session.

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