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I have previously blogged about the need to prepare your kids and/or family for their upcoming photo shoot.  However, I omitted to advise that there is also a need to prepare your husband too.

For some people, preparing the man of the house for a family photo shoot is just simply exhausting.  If your husband is optimistic about your photo shoot, you are in luck but if he is somewhat reluctant, here are a few things you can do to help him (and yourself) out:


Discuss the session and your expectations

In most cases, women are the ones who take the time to research, contact, ask questions and book the family portrait session in.  Husbands have generally just been told when it’s happening and when to be ready.  It is essential that your husband is looking forward to your photo shoot too. 

Take time to explain to him how the session works.  He needs to know that it is so much more than holding stiff poses.  For us, it’s more of an opportunity for your family unit to spend some fun quality time together, in a casual, relaxed environment, with me in the background capturing those special moments.

Your husband will need to know what is expected of him on the day.  Don’t expect him to guess. Tell him how you need him to help with the kids.  What outfit does he need to wear?  What time do you need to leave? Prepare him as much as you can.


Work together

Photo shoots are fun.  But there is a lot of pre-planning that needs to occur to make sure it is all smooth sailing into the studio door.  Working together will ensure that your stress levels aren’t heightened. Make sure you divide the jobs so one person is not left to do everything.  Double check that you know who is doing what: who is packing the clothes (if you are bringing extra outfits/accessories), who is getting everyone ready, who is packing the snacks and who is checking the petrol in the car to allow you to arrive to the studio on time. 

If you need help, ask your husband and trust that he will do it.  This means less stress for everyone.


Remind him the kids are fine

We want our studio to be a place where your kids and family feel comfortable.  Understandably, your kids will be super excited when they first arrive and that’s OK.  If they decide that they want to spin and twirl or rumble and go crazy at the beginning of your session, we welcome it.  This is often when the magic happens.  It will only take a matter of moments before the craziness settles down and if it doesn’t, I will work with them.  I have four kids of my own and know a thing or two about how to get children to co-operate.

You both don’t need to worry about your kids’ behaviour on the day – it’s all OK. 


Focus on the outcome

It’s only one or two hours.  That’s just 4-8 percent of his day.  It will go so quickly and before he knows it, it will be over and you will have beautiful family portraits to treasure for a lifetime.

We’ve all done things that we aren’t really keen on doing at some stage but hopefully your fella will be pleasantly surprised once he is in the studio, relaxed and having fun.

The aim is to have beautiful family portraits at the end of your session.


Keep the Love

That’s the whole reason why you are doing this, right?  You love him.  He loves you.  You have created this amazing family together and you want to document this moment in time so you can look back on it in many years and remember how you were at this point in time.

When you do things out of love, it is so much easier.  Instead of focusing on how much he dislikes posing for and being in photographs, remind him to focus on how much he loves you and the kids.


The time is now

Time really does fly by.  It is so easy to say that you will book a session in next week or next month but never get around to doing it as life is busy and/or husband is working and can’t get time off.  Seize the moment, the time is now.

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