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Anzac Day 2020

See our very special tribute to the servicemen and women that have fought for what Australia is today. 

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Almost every parent I know always has a smartphone or camera at the ready to take that one image or series of images to capture a particular moment in their children’s lives.  It may be a special occasion or just because your child or children were doing something cute.

In my experience, parents can never take enough photos of their children but sometimes it can prove to be more difficult than expected to get a really great shot.

Below are a few photography ideas we have put together that you can apply the next time you take your camera out to capture a moment with your kids.

  1. As tempting as it is, try and stay away from asking your kids to pose. Instead, be around to capture the emotions they display in a particular moment. If you’re patient enough and simply enjoy the time you spend with your children, you’ll find it much easier to capture the essence of the moment.

  2. Get down to their level. If you’re photographing very small children try and get down to their level to photograph them. This angle gives you a more interesting background too.kids photo tips
  3. Have a conversation with them. Having a conversation with your child about something that interests them, for example their favourite superhero or their best friend at school will give them natural facial expressions as they answer your questions. You could even have them sing along to their favourite songs for a bit of fun.

  4. As we know, most people these days have smartphones. They are the perfect tool for capturing candid moments. Your children are probably very used to seeing you with your smartphone so won’t think anything of you keeping it close by. Have it ready when you’re out and about with them. You never know when they might give you the opportunity to take the perfect shot, as children are often at their cutest when they are unaware that they are being photographed.how to article
  5. Use unique locations to your advantage. If you have planned a bush walk or a day at the beach, take advantage of your unique surroundings to capture some great pictures of your children.

  6. If photographing outdoors, avoid midday sunlight. Lighting makes a big difference in photos so aim for early morning or evening light for outdoor shots. Kids also enjoy being outside, so you may find a cranky toddler, or an uncooperative child turns into an absolute delight to photograph with the fresh air and abundance of space.

If you have no option but to be inside, open windows and doors to let the natural light flow in.

And you can also get creative with your kids’ photography and think outside the square:

  1. Everyone down on the ground – it will create some interesting photography angles
  2. Choose a theme – a tea party, a certain colour scheme, matching outfits – the options are endless
  3. Use bubbles – let’s face it, who doesn’t love catching bubbles?
  4. Let your kids be silly – jump around, twirl, spin or whatever they like - you never know, that unique/amazing photo may just be created this way
  5. Let them dress up in their favourite fancy dress outfit
  6. Go to the beach or let them play in the sandpit – use buckets, spades, cars, sunglasses and hats

Dress up – and by dress up I mean in fancy party dresses for the little girls and the young men - a vest, tailored jacket and pants or a smart hat. These outfits create such an amazing result.kids photography

One last tip is to make sure you're not always the one holding the camera. You need to be in some of the shots as well and sometimes parents need reminding to get out from behind the camera.  

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