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Anzac Day 2020

See our very special tribute to the servicemen and women that have fought for what Australia is today. 

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We understand that families are not limited to just people.  Pets, of all shapes and sizes, take a very important role in families and it is only fitting that they are included in your Fine Photography family portrait session. We are more than happy for you to bring your furry (or not so furry!) family member/s into the studio to be a part of your photo shoot.

We have put together a small list of things you should consider to ensure your photo shoot with your pet goes smoothly:

Be on-time - initially your pet may be nervous or unsure of the new environment and the change in their routine.  Getting to the studio on time will give your pet a chance to familiarise themselves with our studio space and feel comfortable.

Bring a leash - this will help you keep your pet near to you and where you want him or her for the photos. (They aren’t just for dogs, you know.) Be sure to bring a thinner leash if you have one, as they are easier to hide or edit out of images if necessary.

Have treats on hand - treats are great way to encourage your pet. It will help keep them still and focused on the camera.

Bring your pets favourite toy – and the noisier the better. This is also a great tool to help keep your pet’s attention on me. We can also use it for a fun game and get some fun interaction shots.

Enlist the help of a minder – if you have a friend that can join you in the studio, bring them along.  An extra pair of hands to help entertain and maybe take your pet for a walk once he/she has been photographed will go a long way to allow you to relax during the rest of your photo shoot when your pet is no longer required.

And do you know what, if all goes pear shaped and your pet just won’t co-operate, we will move on, get some great family shots and then bring your pet back into the studio once they have calmed down.

It is our intention to work with you to ensure that you all have fun and enjoy your family photo session experience.

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30 Years Experience

Nicholas is a corporate photographer with over 30 years of experience. His experience and proven track record means you can be assured of getting the great outcome you need for your business.


Award Winning

Nicholas is a multi award winning photographer recognised by the Australian Insitute of Professional Photography (AIPP) in The Australian Professional Photography Awards (APPA). Also, internationally with the Wedding & Portrait Photographers International Awards in 2019.


Amazing Studio

You can choose to come into our state of the art studio which is only 30 mins from the Sydney CBD or we can come and do the photo shoot on location at your business.


Let Nicholas capture the perfect shot that will last a lifetime.

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