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Anzac Day 2020

See our very special tribute to the servicemen and women that have fought for what Australia is today. 

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Children love to be creative. Whether it’s finger painting, spaghetti necklaces or a toothpick portrait of your dog, art and craft projects are a fantastic way to not only get your little person to have some fun by exercising their creative genius but it is also a great way to keep them busy for a while.

If you’re always taking photos and are looking for new ways to display them, incorporating your latest images into your child’s next art and craft project is the perfect way to do just that.

We have listed five craft projects below that your kids will love that incorporate your photos:

  1. Frame your memories

    There are so many fun craft frames that you can create with your children that can be used to display your favourite photos.

    Start by making your frame.  Thick cardboard or wooden panels fixed together work well for this.

    Then the fun begins.  Time to decorate.  If you are heading to the beach for your next holiday, see what you can find that can be used to decorate your frame when you are walking about the beach. A few shells or even a small jar of sand have potential for a great craft frame. The options are endless.
  1. Create a jigsaw puzzle

    Choose one of your favourite photos, enlarge it and print it. Stick your favourite photo on some sturdy cardboard and coat it with an acrylic spray to protect it. Cut the image up into puzzle pieces (it doesn’t have to be in traditional puzzle shapes, straight lines and edges are fine) and get your child to put the pieces of the photo back together again.  Not only does this keep your little one busy, but it creates an amazing gift.

    Dog puzzle photo
  1. Make a fridge magnet

    Ask your child to draw something using their imagination but leave a space for a photo in the picture. Laminate the drawing and attach magnetic sheets or tape to the back for an instant photo frame to display on your fridge.  
  1. Construct a mobile

    A mobile is a unique way to display your family photos. Websites such as Pinterest have so many great ideas for inspiration. There is an abundance of creative templates you could use and these look great once completed.
  1. Create your very own family tree

    Take your child out into the garden and together, gather a couple of sticks that have protruding branches.  Fill a plant pot, bowl or vase with something to keep the sticks upright. Print out your photos, cut them into squares and peg them carefully to the branches of the sticks – creating your very own family tree.  Your child will not only delight in their involvement of such a beautiful project, but they will be able to enjoy the finished product for days, weeks or even months later.

Using family photos in your next art and crafts session with your child is the perfect way to bond, share some time together and create beautiful memories. Have fun!

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