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Anzac Day 2020

See our very special tribute to the servicemen and women that have fought for what Australia is today. 

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Soon to be a family of three - Family Photoshoot

zhao-thumb Blog: Latest News and Articles - Fine Photography

When you find out you are pregnant it is such a joyous and exciting time in your life especially if it is your first child. It’s so exciting in fact, that we get swept up in all the planning for the babies arrival buying the cot, the pram, and decorating the nursery (not to mention the tiredness that comes with being pregnant), that we often don’t stop to appreciate how amazing it is that this beautiful little person is growing in your belly.

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More Than Just A Photography Session

bi-family-portrait Blog: Latest News and Articles - Fine Photography

Portrait photography is about the expression, personality and mood of the subject, for people of all shapes, sizes, ages and walks of life. Every family is bursting with character and at Fine Photography we see it as our gift to capture the essence of each one in a timeless piece of art. We bring your families character to life in our own signature style black and white.

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Mothers and Daughters … An Unbreakable Bond

healy-thumb Blog: Latest News and Articles - Fine Photography

What a remarkable trio these ladies were! and let’s not forget our fur baby Winston too who quietly stole the show.  A mother’s love for her children always beams through the camera lens. It’s not forced it just exists like the invisible string that binds us together as a family forever. It was beautiful to capture this mum with her beautiful daughters and celebrate the gorgeous woman they have become. We are always quick to capture the baby photos before they grow too fast; but life often gets in the way of ensuring we also photograph the rest of our children’s story as they grow into adults. At Fine Photography we pride ourselves on bringing your families character to life in black and white.

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Meeting The Newest Family Members

mitchell-thumb Blog: Latest News and Articles - Fine Photography

At Fine Photography we love nothing more than seeing families come back to introduce a new addition and get fresh family portraits taken to capture their growing brood. Its lovely to see how the siblings interact with each other and for us to see how much the older children have grown since their last studio session.

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Return To Studio Photography

thumbnail-return-to-studio Blog: Latest News and Articles - Fine Photography

Are Studio Portraits Making A Come Back?

If you were to go back 15 years the only type of portraits you would have heard about are studio portraits, it was an industry standard. It was rare that you would have professional family portraits taken outdoors at locations such as parks, beaches, and gardens. If you wanted a portrait taken you found a good photography studio in your area, you went in and your portrait was taken, processed and printed.

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Fine Photography Captures Your Story

singh-family-thumb Blog: Latest News and Articles - Fine Photography

We have so many families come into our studio for many different reasons. It could be a large family gathering for an 80th birthday gift or family that lives overseas are here in town and want to capture this reunion with relatives far and wide.

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Professional Headshots

thumbnail-corporate-headshot Blog: Latest News and Articles - Fine Photography

Your Corporate Head Shot is basically your own personal brand. It achieves the same objective as a logo does for a business.

A head shot is the perfect chance to let your expertise and personality pop to your audience. So regardless if it is for personal reason or for business reason ensure that the final image you choose matches your brief.

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Best Portrait Photography Blog

expertido-best-blog Blog: Latest News and Articles - Fine Photography

Expertido.org has announced us as being included in the Best Portrait Photography Blogs of 2019! They analyzed our website based on content quality, authenticity factors, uniqueness, data security and a bunch of other aspects throughout the last weeks few weeks before adding us to the final list.

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Fine Photography Captures The Uncapturable

we-get-the-photos-that-others-cant-thumb Blog: Latest News and Articles - Fine Photography

Each year we support National Family Portrait Month which raises funds for a different charity each year. In 2019 we put a call out for mothers and their children to donate $51 to the chosen charity. In return, they receive a complimentary shoot and an image will be added to the book called ‘A Mother and her Children … A Loving Bond’.

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Busy Siblings Photo Shoot

busy-siblings Blog: Latest News and Articles - Fine Photography

These siblings have such a busy and active lifestyle.  Between the two of them, they are involved in dance, cricket, netball, soccer, athletics and one of them is a rugby league representative.  On top of all these sporting commitments, there is a leadership role and academics to consider. Makes me tired just writing it all…

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Family is the heart of the home

family-bond-portrait-photography-thumb Blog: Latest News and Articles - Fine Photography

There is nothing more important in life than family and the bond they share with each other. One of the greatest things for us to watch when families come into our studio is how they interact with each other and often the best shot taken, and the one that is ultimately chosen as the final show piece, is caught when the family is candidly having fun together and enjoying the experience.

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Two are much better than one ….

family-portrait-photography-sisters-thumb Blog: Latest News and Articles - Fine Photography

A sister’s bond begins at birth and can never be broken. Being a sister means you always have someone to stand shoulder to shoulder with and share your secrets. These sisters are the apple of their parents’ eyes and you can see why. Those cute cheeky smiles are hard to resist. Such a beautiful family photo shoot and irreplaceable memories captured by Nicholas.

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