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Blog: Latest News and Articles

Surprise Family Photo Shoot For Her Husband

husbands-surprise-blog Blog: Latest News and Articles - Fine Photography

What a beautiful surprise for her husband and father of this beautiful family. Their mum organised a very special portrait session especially for her husband to celebrate their wedding anniversary. We were able to capture some amazing shots of their daughter and 2 sons in this amazing black and white family portrait session. We were able to showcase a nice casual feeling that really reflects that real family connection. Gifting memories = priceless!

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Top 75 Portrait Photography Blogs, Websites & Newsletters in 2019

Portrait_Photography_Award Blog: Latest News and Articles - Fine Photography recently listed Fine Photography’s blog in their list of Top 75 Portrait Photography Blogs, Websites & Newsletters in 2019. This list ranks the best resources on the web for portrait photography and we are honoured to have made it onto the list! A big thank you to Feedspot for recognizing our website’s blog as being one of the best in the world for portrait photography articles.

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7 Tips to Take That Amazing Selfie First Go!

amazing-selfies Blog: Latest News and Articles - Fine Photography

We all know, in this world of smartphones and social media, that almost everyone has or does take selfies.  You possibly even do it on a daily basis. 

The situation is likely to go a little like this … you take your first selfie, thinking that it should look great.  But on second thought, decide that you could probably take a better one.  Then after dozens of attempts, hair adjustments, fine-tuning lighting angles and poses, you have finally taken a killer selfie!

Following are some easy tips for you to consider when taking your next selfie and with any luck they will help you save lots of time and attempts. 

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Amazing Executive Headshots That Make A Lasting Impression

thumb_Blog_Head_shot Blog: Latest News and Articles - Fine Photography

The face is a picture of the mind with the eyes as its interpreter.     Marcus Tullius Cicero

Business is all about making a connection with your potential clients. Having a professional headshot that is high quality and visually pleasing encourages prospective clients to take a closer look. Executive headshots can enhance your brand power and help increase your client base by helping clients to put a face behind your brand and for you to convey trustworthiness and friendliness. People always want to feel like they can relate on a personal level and a headshot is the key to letting them in.

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Male Ballerino Photo Shoot

male-ballerino-photo-shoot_-banner Blog: Latest News and Articles - Fine Photography

Ballet dancers are most definitely not limited to female dancers.  This very talented ballerino came into the studio as part of our ballet project and we were blown away by his enthusiasm and aptitude for his craft. 

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