How can a state of the art photography studio deliver you the most beautiful photographs?

Capturing the most striking photographs involves hide and seek with light and shade, in order to highlight or minimise features. Light is the medium used and therefore it has to be controlled. Nick Fiennes has built a state of the art studio and uses a superb daylight colour corrected studio flash system to give you a natural look.

Why white surfaces?

Studio 1 white

White light is a combination of all the colours of the spectrum including the primary light colours; red, blue and green.  This means that white light will reflect your true skin tone without distortion.

The all-white surfaces of Nick’s studio (note that the floor and ceiling are also curved) will reflect and bounce the light around the room from all directions, which diffuses the light more evenly.  This multi-directional light source flattens the texture of all surfaces being photographed and hides imperfections as less shadow is cast. This gives Nick control over what light is applied in order to capture the shot.

Using a professional studio gives the Nick total control of the final outcome, including what is hidden and what is accentuated.  This controlled atmosphere is not subject to time of day or weather. If you’ve ever seen a professional photo-shoot you will notice the essentially all-white studio.  Outdoor shoots usually involve a couple of extra hands holding up large white screens around the subjects.  Why?  What difference does it make?


The complete studio experience

Studio receptionVisiting Nick’s studio reveals two things about Nick.  The family friendliness and comfortable atmosphere in which the photographs are being taken, as well as his attention to detail and professionalism.

A drive through leafy Wahroonga takes you to this family home whereupon you reach the studio. First you enter the darkened office with its computer banks from where the final photographs are meticulously edited by Nick after the shoot. 

Upstairs is the comfortable viewing area.  This is where you get acquainted and discuss your wishes and needs for your photographs as well as view the final product in different sizes on the big screen after the shoot, and work out what sizes for example that you require to be printed.

The glamorous white photography area feels like something out of a Hollywood film set.  Here with the aid of 25 years’ experience, top camera equipment and superb lighting, you will be guided into capturing the stunning photographs you are hoping for. 

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